SOAR provides innovative online services to scouting units such as Cub Scout Packs and Boy Scout Troops.

Our first service - a hosted unit website - will increase communication with scouts/parents, improve unit organization, and facilitate shared leadership. No technical skills are required by scout leaders and parents to use a SOAR hosted unit website.

SOAR's hosted website lets you focus on communicating with scouts/parents vs. designing and updating a website.

Easy to use, affordable hosted website for a Cub Scout Pack.
SOAR myTroopTM
Easy to use, affordable hosted website for a Boy Scout Troop.
Customer Testimonials

SOAR announces new Nested Menu and Roster Edit Settings features, updates to the Packmaster/Troopmaster Import including transfer of Medical Information, and support for the new Cub Scout program updates.
SOAR announces new site enhancements including single page forms for managing Custom Fields, Email Addresses, and additional site customizations.
SOAR announces an updated Photo Upload tool based on HTML4/5, Flash, and Silverlight technologies that also works on smartphones as well.
SOAR announces new Email List feature to address security changes at Yahoo, Google, AOL, and others. SOAR is the only scouting website company to provide advanced email features like Email Aliases, Email Lists, and EBlast to truly satsify scouting communications needs. All others provide limited "web based email" features.
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