Full information on these news items is available on the myPack and myTroop websites.

SOAR announces new Scoutbook Import feature. You can now update/sync your SOAR website roster with data you have already entered in Scoutbook. <more >
SOAR now supports HTTPS/SSL by default. This includes SSL Certificates for custom domain names, for free !
SOAR announces a new Search feature to easily find content on your website and aid in "repurposing" old content for future use.
SOAR announces announced support for the 2016 versions of Packmaster and Troopmaster software.
SOAR announces support for Scoutbook. Customers and their members can now easily access Scoutbook without leaving your SOAR website.
SOAR announces upgrades to customers website to better support Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and Edge browers, including an updated Photo Upload Tool.
SOAR announces new Nested Menu and Roster Edit Settings features, updates to the Packmaster/Troopmaster Import including transfer of Medical Information, and support for the new Cub Scout program updates.
SOAR announces new site enhancements including single page forms for managing Custom Fields, Email Addresses, and additional site customizations.
SOAR announces an updated Photo Upload tool based on HTML4/5, Flash, and Silverlight technologies that also works on smartphones as well.
SOAR announces new Email List feature to address security changes at Yahoo, Google, AOL, and others. SOAR is the only scouting website company to provide advanced email features like Email Aliases, Email Lists, and EBlast to truly satsify scouting communications needs. All others provide limited "web based email" features.
SOAR announces a completely rebuilt Unit Roster with new features, usability improvements, privacy options, and Packmaster/Troopmaster Integration.
SOAR announces completion of 6 month service infrastructure upgrade to support its growing customer base and new advanced features.
SOAR announces host of upgrades to existing features based on customer feedback - Calendar, Announcements, Event Registration, Online Payments, and more !
SOAR announces all new Calendar Sync feature that allows members to keep their personal digital calendars in sync with your unit website with 1 simple click. Members will never miss meetings or event updates again !
SOAR announces a host of Event Registration updates including "regrets", Rich Text Editor updates, and self serve domain name management.
SOAR announces special offer for PacksOnline customers in their time of need.
SOAR upgrades service infrastructure to meet current and future customer demands.
SOAR announces EBlast enhancements including all new format, color/section customization, and use of graphics.
SOAR announces Splash Page theme options for additional site security and privacy.
SOAR announces all new Site Themes and easy use of graphic images for scouting websites.
SOAR announces purchase of further defining SOAR's position as the leader in online scouting services.
SOAR introduces online Event Signup feature. Unit members can now register for events online and even pay for any costs through Online Payments. Throw away those paper signup sheets !
SOAR introduces Online Payments for scouting units. Units can now accep t credit card payments online for events and other items with an easy to setup PayPal account. <more>
Two new features released (1) Automatic Email Lists for all members, leaders, and Dens/Patrols; (2) Public Pages to provide additional unit information to guests.
SOAR has implemented a number of industry standard technologies to ensure email delivery, stay out of Junk Email folders, and decrease SPAM to Email Aliases. These include Sender Policy Framework (SPF), the Whitelist program for AOL and Yahoo, DomainKeys & DKIM, and Domain Name Server Block Lists (DNSBL).
Upgrade to PackMaster Import for PM 2008 including Individual Progress Reports for Scouts, single click export, and export file encryption.
Photo Upload Tool V3 now avaiable. This update includes a more feature rich tool that also support IE and Firefox on Windows as well Safari on the Macintosh platform.
New feature EBlast released - automated weekly email to unit members con taining website updates and upcoming events.
Upgrade to TroopMaster Import for TM 2008 including Individual Progress Reports for Scouts, single click export, and export file encryption.
Support for multiple email addresses for a single member added and an op tion for all members to automatically access email lists.
Significant upgrade to the Email system including Public Email Lists, control of From and Return addresses, Global Senders, and improved bounce processing.
Ten new features and improvements including SSL, member management, unit filters, Roster, and including images in pages.
Mulitple usability improvements including uploading of custom header and background images.
Synchronization with PackMaster and TroopMaster software now available for Unit Website accounts and roster information.
Roster Feature released. Keep all your relevant contact information online in a single place for all scouts, parents, and adults in your scouting unit.
Transfer of site contents from PacksOnline now available. Get more features with SOAR myPack and keep all the hard work you've already done.
Calender List View added to easily display upcoming events in a table format for printing.
Treasure Hiking program created by SOAR to advocate the combination of scouting and geocaching.
Folders feature added for better organization of Photo Albums, Files, and Links.
Java File Upload Tool added for easy multiple pictures upload. Storage space doubled!
Building on the myPack/myTroop success, SOAR launches myGirlScout for Girl Scout Troops.
SOAR's unique Site Theme feature can now customize font family, font size, & font color.
SOAR launches Email Alias and List features to make it easy to communicate with unit members while also protecting members from SPAM.
SOAR adds support for TroopMaster and PackMaster DotNet.
SOAR launches myPack for Cub Scout Packs and myTroop for Boy Scout Troops.